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Qrowd is a collection of communication resources, managed by a community of communication professionals.


Welcome to Qrowd, your community portal for continued learning and knowledge updates across all your Quantico workshops and courses. We understand that learning takes time, and mastering a subject requires constant feedback. That’s why we created Qrowd — because when a workshop gets over learning shouldn’t have to stop. Through Qrowd, your instructors at Quantico, and across the world, continue to serve new, relevant, and great knowledge and ideas for your content goals. Qrowd is free and for life.


Explore interesting stuff and gain new perspectives on communication. Grab a theory or two and apply it to your content assets. Learning new skills doesn’t just happen in workshops. In fact, all Quantico workshops are updated every six months. We believe these updates apply to everyone and not only to present participants. Through Qrowd’s blog we keep you updated and fully informed on the newest trends, practices, and learnings from the communications industry to guide your work.

Big Ideas

Catch up and get ahead of the ideas that are powering communications in 2017. Learn a new concept, understand its meaning, and apply it to your organisation or brand. Solving content problems require craft and collaboration between teams in the field and teams in the classroom. Big Ideas provides this vital link between practicing professionals and industry researchers by unlocking insights to ensure your content always remains clear and consistent.


Watch byte-sized video tutorials (max 4 mins) on a range of topics, from copywriting and content marketing to digital culture, search engine optimisation, coding, and writing for the web. Watch and learn any where, any time. Effective learning happens everywhere, and best consumed in bit-sized chunks that nano-target each aspect of a concept. Q-Bits delivers concise, targeted learning videos to help you master a skill anywhere, any time. We’re constantly publishing our research and workshop ideas to the video library.

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